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Helinka Voyages gives you a unique experience to fly on a helicopter over the enigmatic Nasca and Palpa lines; with daily flights, on the basis of private or group flights. Also experience our private flights over the Citadel of Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where you will be able to see the most beautiful sites of Sacsayhuaman, the Moray terraces, the salt pans, among others. The experience of flying on a helicopter is unique.

Líneas de Nazca


Flights over the Palpa and Nazca Lines

This memorable experience in Nazca takes you on a one hour helicopter ride over the Nazca and Palpa Lines. These sites are located in the same area quite near each other and are very similar in some ways but also different in others:
  • The Palpa Lines (500 - 200 BC) are centuries older than the Nazca Lines (0 - 800 AD) - There are over a thousand figures located in Palpa, against about forty in Nazca.
  • Both lines have enormous geometrical, animal and plant figures.
  • The Nazca Lines are located in one gigantic plain while the Palpa Lines are scattered in diverse wild areas like plateaus and hillsides.
  • Both lines are linked to religious aspects of the cultures of Paracas and Nazca.

Departures / Arrivals: Cancayo Hotel, Nazca airfield or Helinka Voyages private hangar
Length of Tour: 1 hour / 20 minutes
Flying Time: 1 hour
Minimum number of Passengers: 2 persons
Price: US$ 560 per person
Not included: Taxes (I.G.V. 19%) and embarkation fees (depending on the place of departure).

Highlights of the Flight over the Nazca and Palpa Lines:
  • Enjoy a one hour helicopter ride.
  • Excellent views of the Nazca Valley, of at least 11 of the most famous figures of the Nazca Lines and many more of the Palpa Lines.

Important Notice:
  • The tour operates all year round.
  • Because of the helicopter weight and equilibrium requirements, passengers weighing more than 100 kilos are requested to pay an additional fee.
  • The length of the tour includes the time within take off and landing of the helicopter.
  • Estimated timing has been used in schedulin.

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USD $ 700

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